Frequently Asked Questions about Private Boxing Lessons

Because people of any height, weight, body type, age and gender can do it, boxing is a sport that anyone can participate in. Boxing is a tremendous workout, it’s fun and empowering. Some of the many benefits include weight loss, increased agility, muscle tone and great overall fitness. We bring a gym to our clients and extract all the benefits while leaving behind all the drawbacks. Whether our clients are looking to stay or get back in shape, work off some stress, learn self-defense, or step into the ring some day, with the versatility of our instruction we can personalize our lessons to meet the needs of our clients placing the emphasis on only those aspects of boxing they’re looking to benefit from.

No, sparring or doing sparring drills is always 100% optional.

Of course, that’s the point! You can start in the beginner’s class no matter what your fitness level is and work at your own pace.

At your gym, a park conveniently close by to you, or in your home. We bring all the benefits of a boxing gym to you.