Testimonials from Brea Boxing students.

Andy, 28, Brewing

When I started with Brin, I had never thrown a punch in my life. I lost 17 pounds in two months and I’ve never had a better time getting in shape. I sweat my ass off, I have a great time, and I’ve learned how to defend myself. On top of that, we do it all from my home. I don’t have a lot of time with my schedule so having a trainer come to me is a huge benefit. I don’t know a more fun way to get or stay in shape than boxing and on top of that, Brin’s teaching me some skills.

Stevhan, 65, Set Designer

Despite having a curiosity and interest in taking boxing lessons my whole life, when I began working with Brin I had never thrown a punch or skipped rope. After only a couple of boxing lessons I learned to do both faster than I ever thought I could. I’ve recommended Brin to friends who became clients themselves and in Vancouver you won’t find a better coach to learn the basics and get in shape faster and have it be a fun experience.

Kenji, 32, Bartender

I moved to Canada from Japan 4 years ago and went to several of the boxing gyms in Vancouver and didn’t find anything that suited me. I wanted to work with somebody one-on-one and receive private lessons and in most gyms this was far too expensive. I saw one of Brin’s posters around town and phoned him up and we got started right away. I had some experience with boxing but in no time Brin sharpened my skills and improved my fitness routine. It’s a lot of fun and hard work.

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